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Chamba Resorts - some important information about hotels & resorts in Chamba:

While majority of the people love those soft tourists and ethno tourists with their family, youths love adventure tourism. Of late, both men and women are participating in these thrilling trips. But, as per local experts mostly these groups come from general enthusiasts who don’t have much knowledge or any training from professionals. It can be highly dangerous for these young groups. So, here we have jotted down some of the major safety tips for them. However, it doesn’t contain any training for the adventure trip and that should be taken from experienced and authorized trainer only. Just have a look on the rest safety measures guided by Chamba resorts agentsake.

Go for Vaccinations at chamba resorts:

Wild tourists are the core areas where you meet with unknown viruses and bacteria. There is a high probability that you get infected by these microbes during your trip and it can be highly dangerous for you as getting a medical help in these areas can be very tough. So, consult with your doctor and take necessary vaccines. While there can be several vaccines required and it may require keeping a few days gap between two or more vaccines, start this process well beforehand.

Food & Drinks:

No need to say that food and drinks become more than important during the wild trips. If you rely on the resorts in Chamba you may become upset as not all the resorts don’t serve high-quality food. Also, when you are on trekking or camping, you can’t always find a restaurant around you. So, it’s best you keep enough dry food, a few chocolates etc. with you. And yes, never drink unsafe water. You don’t know how it would react with your body. Always keep enough mineral water with you; better if you can keep some glucose powder with you.

Be Safe from Poisonous & Itchy Plants:

Hill areas are highly rich in greeneries. While it makes you happy mostly, often some poisonous plant can send you to the hospital or at least make your day badly upsetting. So, before you go on such trip, Google a bit about these plants (poisonous, itchy, throne-full etc.). If you want, you can keep images of such plants in your mobile and also learn how you can tackle if your body come in contact with such plants.


Be it a snake, scorpion, spider, caterpillar or any other poisonous insect, you have to be safe from these. Do some study on these insects and learn to identify them also know how you can treat bite of these insects if you stump upon them accidentally. While it is not always possible to avoid it, you must know the treatment; you can keep some insect repellents as well with you. You can learn about the most common insects of that locality from the Chamba hotels’ staffs.

Never Go Out Alone:

Until it becomes the last option to get out of a situation don’t go out alone during an adventure trip at a dangerous area. Swimming alone? A big no. It is highly important in mountain areas that be alert if it is covered with ice. No one knows when a snow storm or avalanche happens. There is nothing worse than these in mountain areas as most people get attacked when they are not prepared.

Packages of chamba resorts - Rs. 2000/- person perninght on double and triple sharing with breakfast, Lunch and dinner with bonfire and adventure activities.